About John

Being a keen birdwatcher since I was a boy, my main interest is British Birds. My photography has become an extension of my birdwatching, initially enabling me to produce a photographic record of my studies in the field.

I have been photographing British Birds for over thity years, have been successful in local, national and international photographic competitions, and became a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1999.

Being a site showcasing British Bird species, the galleries are split into specific habitats. Whilst this might meet with some conjecture, regarding the overlapping of species into more than one habitat, the general rule of thumb that I have used, is to place the individual species in the habitat where it was photographed. But of course there is the odd exception.

Some of the species shown are Schedule One Protected during the breeding season, and were photographed with permission under Licence from the relevant statutory authorities. The majority of my photography is undertaken on private land, with Landowners permission, and without their help and co-operation my preferred type of photography would be impossible.

Photography generally is selfish hobby, and I think all photographers first and foremost take an image to please themselves. However, if other individuals can gain some enjoyment from the work of others then that becomes a very welcome bonus.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and may be encouraged to return in the future.